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How Much do Bail Bonds Cost?

The premium for a surety bond is typically 10% of the bond amount. A&A Agency Bail Bonds offers zero down OAC.

What is Collateral?

Collateral is anything that can be legally promised and holds financial value. In this case, collateral is promised to ensure a defendant attends their scheduled court date and pays all necessary premiums. A&A Agency Bail Bonds does not always require collateral.

When Will My Collateral be Returned?

Collateral is returned once the bond is exonerated and all premiums have been paid.

How Quickly Can I Be Released from Jail?

A&A Agency Bail Bonds will post your bond within minutes of approval. Once posted, the release time is dependent upon the jail.

Attorney Referrals

Our list of available attorneys has been cultivated over our last 20 years of business! They are all great choices, and are passionate, considerate, and professional. A&A Agency Bail Bonds recommends them highly!

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